Pep Rallies for the Arts


Photo by Olivia Riley

A student’s cello is being stored in the instrument room in the Orchestra class. During most other hours this instrument would have been out and playing beautiful music.

Pep rallies are meant to inspire enthusiasm. But sports are not the only groups that deserve pep rallies. An all arts pep rally would be an exciting and fun new thing to try here at South. Before and after school you could find all of the arts working tirelessly on their music.

Theatre, orchestra, band and choir all work every day to improve their playing and voices. Many people at this school have been to a South musical, an orchestra concert, or a choir festival. It would be nice and fun to give them a little extra motivation to continue their great work.

At regular pep rallies, sports are rewarded with waves of applause and cheering for their hard work for the school. The arts work all year not just for part of the year and they earn all kinds of awards. The district orchestras, bands and choirs are all filled with amazing singers with many of them representing South.

There were eleven students from the South orchestra that qualified for the district orchestra. These eleven are some of the best in the state of Kansas. Student-athletes and student musicians are both very similar. They are working hard and working towards a goal.

The arts at South have concerts all the time and giving them a pep rally could really help more people become aware of the concerts. If more people are aware of the concerts then more people will come out and support the arts.

At the pep rallies, it would not take long to recognize the amazing music that they create. There is nothing wrong with the sports sharing the spotlight with fellow art students. Every group that students in here at South is an important part of the school.

When someone signs up for an extracurricular they are agreeing to work hard for the school. Every team deserves recognition for working hard to improve the school. It is only fair that the arts get a pep rally to support them.