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IPS-the big oops

IPS-the big oops

Jenica Kolbeck, 21st Century Journalist

November 13, 2017

The Individual Plan of Study (IPS) is now required to graduate any high school in the state of Kansas, this decision is about as well thought out as the state funding for public schools. In the state of Kansas an IPS is to be completed before a student graduates.  It’s supposed to be used as a “roadm...

15 Questions with Joshua Knowles

After SYATP after party, Associate Pastor, Joshua Knowles, poses for photo

Oluwaseun Abitogun, 21st Century Journalism

November 13, 2017

South 2010 graduate, Joshua Knowles, is now an associate pastor at City Center Church, and he shared his experiences of high school.     What year did you graduate from South? I graduated from Shawnee Mission South in 2010 Who was your favorite teacher? My favorite teac...

Advice for students going into college

Here are some of the colleges that faculty in the school went to, these are only a few of the options.

Katie Hiebl, 21st century Journalism

November 12, 2017

Many teens come to high school not knowing much about college, here are some tips from counselors and a student about going into college. “Take the ACT, and apply to as many colleges as you can. You should talk to older students and friends. This to see what you need to do to be prepared,” counse...

15 Question With Jacob Lopez

During the summer Jacob Lopez waiting outside of Natural Grocers.

Hayden Zeller

November 12, 2017

Lomachenko, Doris Harold Otis Loped Jr., and "La La Land", all in the words of Jacob Lopez.   What have your older siblings taught you about what high school? My brother has been through high school and he said to enjoy it. That's the biggest thing I’ve been taught by him is to have ...

16 Questions with Sydney Holzman

As she jumps the fence freshman Sydney Holzman holds on tight to the horse, Swag.

Olivia Riley, 21st Century Journalism

November 11, 2017

  Instead of running around the track, freshman Sydney Holzman is riding around an arena. She is taking care and riding her horses almost every day of the week.   OR Why did you want to start riding horses? SH I started because it runs in the family, my family has always owned horses. ...

In-State Versus Out-of-State

Kelly Johnston

November 9, 2017

Deciding what path to take after high school, and choosing where to go to college can be a hard choice. Students are often conflicted when they have to make the choice to go to a school close to home or far away. College adviser Jasmin Morgan often deals with this issue when recommending colleges for ...

14 questions with Daniella Campos

Moving 1,284 miles from New Jersey to Kansas wasn’t easy, but that’s what sophomore Daniella Campos did.

Sydney McDonald, 21 Century Journalism

October 30, 2017

Q: When and why did you move from New Jersey to Kansas? A: I moved to Kansas because my dad got a new job and I moved August 8th.   Q: Do you like here so far? Why or why not? A: I do like it here. I think it’s a lot more calm and people are genuinely nicer.   Q: Who...

New and improved library

New and improved library

Sydney McDonald and Brynn Taylor, 21 Century Reporters

October 30, 2017

15 Questions with Britney Palacio

15 Questions with Britney Palacio

Katie Hiebl, 21st Century Journalism

October 13, 2017

KH: What was it like moving here from Michoacan, Mexico? BP: It felt really weird and strange. It was nerve racking moving to a different country and learning a new language. KH: What and who do you miss from Mexico? BP: The fresh air and everything being open. In Mexico nothing was closed, no...

13 Questions with Kaylee Smith

Before this diseases, sophomore Kaylee Smith was just a normal kid. Now she is learning how to cope with the symptoms for a good education.

Brynn Taylor, 21st Century Journalism

October 12, 2017

Sophomore Kaylee Smith has had a heck of a life these past years. She has a disease that could potentially stay with her forever. B What is your disease called? K*It is called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.   B How long have you been diagnosed? K*I got diagnosed a year ago....

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