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Unseen and Unspoken lunchroom

Amanda Raymer, 21st Century Journalist

May 5, 2015

The windows glisten, as the sunlight seeps through. Tree’s outside stretch to large heights as their arms scatter into streaks, giving the illusion of wooden lightning. No one turns to notice them. Everyone’s eyes stare straight ahead as they walk in endless circles on the plain nude flo...

An Everyday Routine in the Front Hall

Faith Xiong, 21st Century Journalism

May 5, 2015

The sounds of distant voices echoes down the hall, an officer quietly observes the students out on the courtyard. Doors of the school office opens and shuts every five or so minutes. Both teachers and students enter. The atmosphere is quiet and calm. Decorated mostly with banners on the walls, thi...

30 Minutes in the Library

The South library at lunchtime.

Amanda Weaver, 21st Century Journalism

May 5, 2015

Aside from the the clicking of the door alarms at the library’s entrance every time someone enters or exits, and the muffled click-clack of computer keyboards, the school library at lunchtime is a relatively quiet place. Although lined with bookshelves with signs advertising ‘New Books,’ and ‘Books...

The Office- The SM South Edition

The narrow hallway in the front office

Jacob Robertson, Reporter

May 5, 2015

As you enter through the door on the right you get an immediate change of atmosphere, being greeted happily by Linda Catlett asking how she could help. The dull silence of the carpeted room is the best picture you could possibly imagine of a plain boring office. Almost forgetting it's in a school, a...

30 Minutes in the Counselors’ Office

The Counselor's office, on the bottom floor of the school

Mark Holland, 21st Century Journalism

May 5, 2015

30 Minutes in the Counselors' Office The school counselors' office is dead silent except for the typing of the computer. The lady moves from her desk directly across from the chairs of the waiting room and moves down the hallway and out of view. The rustling of papers and desks and feet are th...

Hallway Lunch

The art hallway during first lunch

Marin Sanders

May 5, 2015

The many conversations overheard at lunch time combine into a loud buzz. A small amount of words can be heard over all the chatter. The silent trophy case reflects the blurred crowd’s noisy dialogue. The heels clicking from a student departing from a classroom breaks the steady roar from the crowd....

Are we done yet?

Are we done yet?

Mena Haas

May 5, 2015

Mena Haas

“Mac and Cheese, Please?”

Milton P. Janssen, 21st Century Journalism Writer

April 28, 2015

“Here’s the onion powder,” foods teacher Chris Hornbeck exclaimed. “Hallelujah!” Hornbeck's students were scurrying to grab their ingredients. Running back and forth grabbing cheese, macaroni, bacon, etc. The students are preparing to cook fried mac n cheese. One student carried the heavy...

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