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“Les Mis” Opening Night Pushed Back

Amelia Holcomb, Editor-In-Chief

October 20, 2016

The theatre's production of the show "Les Misérables" was canceled for Wednesday, Oct. 19. "Our lead, Zach Greer is unfortunately ill. We can't really do the show without him and we don't have any understudies for this show, really just because, especially for Jean Valjean, it's just such a tou...

Lunch Tutoring Program Seeks to Assist Students with Classes

Lunch tutoring is every Monday and Wednesday in the counseling center. Not many students attend tutoring.

Avery Woods, Copy Editor

October 19, 2016

Every Monday and Wednesday, a small group of National Honor Society students can be seen eating lunch in the back room of the counseling office, where college visits often take place. These students are there for a reason: they’re tutors, willing to help any student who walks in and asks for help ...

The 2016 Debates: Blatant Lies and the Desire to Cry

The 2016 Debates: Blatant Lies and the Desire to Cry

Lily Wagner, Web Editor, Infographics Editor

October 5, 2016

The First Debate– 9/26/16 Thought the debates consisting of childish name-calling and arguing about anything but the given topics were over? Well, as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said 11 times during Monday’s debate; “wrong.” The first of three presidential debates took...

High Quality, High Price

Banners from last season's shows decorate the stage of the theatre.

Tara Phillips, A&E Editor

October 3, 2016

The theatre department has raised its popularity in the community by performing popular shows and appealing to all audiences, but with great shows comes great cost. In order to keep up with costs, the theatre department raises money through a fundraiser called the Patron Drive. The Patron Drive is c...

2016 Overland Park Fall Festival

2016 Overland Park Fall Festival

Keeli Ward and Savannah Morgan

September 29, 2016

The Overland Park Fall Festival Saturday, Sept. 24 included a parade, farmers market, merchants sales, food and free concerts on the multiple stages that were set up through the area. At the festival, there was also an arts and craft fair. During the festival there was a parade. South’s m...

Annual Bonfire & Car Smash 2016

Annual Bonfire & Car Smash 2016

Maxie Crimm, Photographer

September 28, 2016

Orchestra celebrates Oktoberfest Friday, Sept. 30

Juniors Peter Sears and Nicholas James cut dough into pieces and start rolling them into long strips in order to twist them into the iconic pretzel shape. Pretzel making was a tradition for South's orchestra in the days leading up to Oktoberfest. 
Photo by Cassandra Awad

Sophia Belshe, Assistant Editor

September 28, 2016

Before the Homecoming football game kicks off, the orchestra will host a German themed event in the gym to pay homage to the German festival Oktoberfest. “This idea of community is what I think is really important at Oktoberfest,” orchestra director Jonathan Wiebe said. This annual event is one o...

Latin Students View Rare Collection At The Nelson-Atkins Museum

Latin Students View Rare Collection At The Nelson-Atkins Museum

Lily Wagner

September 21, 2016

Forty students from all levels of Latin will be visiting the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art  Sept. 22. They will be viewing the “Luxury: Treasures of the Roman Empire” exhibit, which features gold and silver objects from the Romans. The objects were discovered in a farm field in France and kept b...

Watermelon Scrimmage Unites Football Program

Watermelon Scrimmage Unites Football Program

September 13, 2016

For the past two weeks, the football team has been working diligently to improve. On August 25th, the team had a chance to show how their hard work has been paying off. The football team gathered for a friendly scrimmage dubbed the "watermelon scrimmage" to assess the team and have some fun. &nbs...

Seniority Rules: Open Lunch Remains for Seniors

Seniors on their way back to school from open lunch.
photo by Cassandra Awad

Mark Holland and Hannah Underwood

September 6, 2016

The bell rings, and students rush out of their classes, anxiously awaiting their lunch. For underclassmen and juniors, lunch normally comes on a tray or in a lunchbox. However, once a student is a senior, they earn the privilege of open lunch. Last year, juniors were unsure if they would receive the...

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