15 Questions with Lewis Smith


by: Jenica Kolbeck

Even with his busy schedule and the fact that he is more than 700 miles away, Lewis Smith made time to Skype South for an interview.

Jenica Kolbeck, 21st Century Journalism

Former South student Lewis Smith talks about South and the Air Force.

JK:  What years did you go to South?

LS:  I went to South from 2011 to 2015.

JK:  What activities did you participate in at South?

LS:  I was a wrestler…I also did weight lifting after school.  I was also in the NFL (laughs) I would like to say, which is the National Forensics League.  

JK:  What was one of your favorite memories at South?

LS:  First time I went to state in wrestling, that was the best time. I literally didn’t think I could get there but I made it to state.

JK:  What do you miss the most about South?

LS:  Mr. Rios and my friends.

JK:  What advice would you give to people still in high school?

LS:  Dream big.  

JK:  Why did you go into the military?

LS:  I wanted to serve my country.

JK:  What do you do in the Air Force?

LS:  I micromanage servers and clients.

JK:  Have you maintained any of the friendships you made in high school?

LS:  Yes multiple!

JK:  What did you do immediately after South?

LS:  I worked as a landscaper and a server for 2-3 months, no, about a year.

JK:  And after that?

LS:  I joined the Air Force

JK:  How do you feel that path has helped/hindered you?

LS:  It’s helped me micromanage my time, kinda organize everything.

JK:  What would you recommend to anyone going into the armed forces?

LS:  Know your chain, and know how to organize your day and your time so you can get the important things done faster and sooner.

JK:  What do you mean by know your chain?

LS:  Know who your boss is and…know who their boss is, pretty much everybody above your boss.

JK:  Why did you choose the Air Force over other branches of the military?

LS:  Because they have a lot better to offer to me for my personal situation.

JK:  How do you think your life would be different had you not entered the Air Force?

LS:  I would be doing nothing. I’d be landscaping and probably being a server and those jobs don’t really work for me.  It’s a lot of work for little money.

JK:  Is there anything else you would like to say about South or the Air Force or anything else?

LS:  I enjoyed my time at South but I’m enjoying my life a lot more in the Air Force, because of South.