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March 24, 2022

On April 22, the latest series Heartstopper will be available to stream on Netflix.  Heartstopper originated as a webcomic on the platform Webtoon, then was published on paper. Alice Oseman began writing/illustrating chapters in August 2019, and quickly gained recognition from fans everywhere. The series features two boys–Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor). Charlie and Nick attend an all-boys school in England, where they meet.  Charlie is openly gay, and has dealt with bullying...

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Ren Park, Reporter
March 9, 2022

Theatre is a vastly important part of global culture, and has been for centuries. Shows at South often sell out due to their excellence.  However, viewers of these performances rarely think about the efforts being put in backstage. The talented crew members who make the magic happen can end up forgotten. Most of them say it doesn’t bother them. “I could choose to act,” Aaron Thomas, sophomore and sound crew member, said. “I choose not to, mostly, because I like being on the sidelines....

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Powderpuff Players

Reese Woods, Co-Editor-In-Chief
November 18, 2021

On Friday, November 12, juniors and seniors participated in the 2021 Powderpuff football game. For those who aren’t aware of Powderpuff, it is a junior girls vs senior girls football game coached by the football players at the end of South’s football season. Anyone is encouraged and welcomed to play. In the brutal cold, the seniors won. “It was a fun way for everyone to gather together and do...

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Improv Review

Fletcher Knowles, Reporter
April 1, 2022

The Shawnee Mission South Improv Team had two shows on Wednesday and Thursday. I personally attended the Thursday show. The show consisted of four games and lasted about one hour. Freeze In this game the actors create a scene with a position given to them by another cast member. Then at any time another actor says freeze and takes the position of one of the actors and creates a new scene. This...

Hawaiian Vibing

Annie Caswell, Reporter
October 1, 2021

Hawaiian Bros, located at 12120 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210, is a restaurant that serves authentic Hawaiian food in a plate lunch style. With easy-to-use touch screens ordering stations and open, bright seating, the restaurant has a modern atmosphere that is sleek and put together while also remaining colorful and fun. The service is quick, friendly and always willing to help. Hawaiian...

Ansley Chambers, Copy Editor
March 25, 2019

Top three rooms at South: Tucker Love- This is where all the magic happens. Maybe I have some bias, being a Patriot editor afterall, but that doesn’t change the lighting situation. The journalism room has outstanding room, especially for being on the bottom floor. Most basement rooms feel dark and dingy, but Room 168 and 169 will never fail to disappoint, despite being an internal room below the rest of the school with no windows for sunlight. However, there is one large window and a door...

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