Rising Sun Movie Previews: Promise of the Rose, Your Name & Ghost in the Shell

Noah Meyer, Blogger

Hey there! It’s time for a new Rising Sun Movie preview, the first one in a while, and this time there are three movies that are getting the spotlight ahead of their release!

Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose (Viz Media)

Back when the original Sailor Moon anime was airing in Japan, Toei produced three Sailor Moon feature films with original storylines. In the first of the three, Promise of the Rose (subtitled for the original English release), a forgotten friendship spells trouble for the Sailor Guardians and the planet.

Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose will release in theaters this January, with an all new English dub and a long-lost recap short. Tickets will go on sale soon. (Hey, Toei. Why not do a Sailor Moon Crystal movie?)

Your Name (Funimation Productions)

Following the release of Hayao Miyazaki’s swan song, The Wind Rises, different animators have been competiting for the title of “the next Miyazaki”. And it would seem that Makoto Shinkai’s newest film, Your Name, has earned him that title. In the critically-acclaimed, Oscar-submitted movie, two unconnected teenagers find themselves swapping bodies as a comet approaches the Earth. As the two experience each other’s lives, they seek out the mysteries of their Freaky Friday-esque situation.

(Trailer for the UK release)

Funimation Productions will release Your Name in theaters at an unannounced date in 2017. Look for it at the Academy Awards!

Ghost in the Shell (Paramount Pictures)

I bet there isn’t a single anime fan who hasn’t at least heard of Ghost in the Shell, the hit anime film directed by Mamoru Oshii. The film’s narrative of a cyborg policewoman searching for both a hacker and identity resonated with many viewers when it initally released, and it even inspired The Matrix. That said, the American-produced live action adaptation starring Scarlet Johannson… actually looks promising.

Ghost in the Shell will release in theaters on March 31st, 2017.

I’m personally looking forward to seeing all three of these films, especially Promise of the Rose and Your Name. So expect reviews of at least two of them to be released in the near future. I’ll see you at the movies!