‘Die for Me’ not to die for


Anastasia Jackson, Staff Writer

The book, “Die For Me” by Amy Plum,  is an interesting book with a lot of romance and paranormal and a bit of adventure and action, but it’s more a book for girls.

The main character Kate is closed off at the beginning because she is trying to get over her parents’ death. Like many stories, it has the usual tragic beginning trying to set up the plot.  But this story isn’t like some love stories about how the people meet and fall in love. No, this story is more about Kate realizing her feelings for the mysterious Vincent after her second meeting. When they first met she absolutely despised him because of really silly reasons. After going on some dates they got together and Kate found out he wasn’t normal. Despite that fact, she stayed with Vincent. Eventually they broke up because she couldn’t handle the fact that he would perish every time after the saving someone. As a revenant Vincent goes into a coma like state for three days when he wakes up he is very weak.

In French revenant means returning. In other words Vincent and his family returned from the dead. The reason they stayed young is because they repeatedly die for other people. Like most stories there’s always a bad guy. The bad guy in this story is Lucien who stays young and powerful by killing people and egging them on to kill themselves.

I think the book is equally good and equally bad. There are some parts that are amazingly detailed but there are some parts where it needs some work. The book is left at cliffhanger so the reader will read the next book, “Until I Die” and then the last book of the series (not counting the digital novella), “Should I Die.”