15 Question With Jacob Lopez


Hayden Zeller

During the summer Jacob Lopez waiting outside of Natural Grocers.

Hayden Zeller

Lomachenko, Doris Harold Otis Loped Jr., and “La La Land”, all in the words of Jacob Lopez.


What have your older siblings taught you about what high school?

My brother has been through high school and he said to enjoy it. That’s the biggest thing I’ve been taught by him is to have fun and to try. God bless him.

How are you dealing with your turtle’s current situation?

Doris Harold Otis Lopez Junior was planned to be released on a Saturday that previously passed by. Love was a major part in this situation which I wanted him to reproduce and live his life like a turtle should but I decided to keep him.

When is your boxing career going to take off?

Hopefully soon pal. No confirmed answer yet.

Who do you think is the best boxer in the world and why?

Vasyly Lomachenko which he is a twi time olympian and has a record of 7-1. Many people would say, “Oh it has to be Triple G,” “Oh it’s Mayweather, he’s 50-0 don’t argue,” “Oh it’s Canelo the ginger mexican legend.” But in my own eyes those three have nothing on Lomachenko because he has two Olympic gold medals and gold medals are worth way more than WBC belts and IBF belts. Mayweather’s 50-0 has nothing compared to two olympic gold medals. His dancing around the ring is not fun to watch unless you actually understand the sport of boxing which most of his fans just join in on him knowing he’s 50-0 winning split decisions and not being a real fighter and fighting like a real boxer would. It’s boxing not ballerina class. Lomachenko’s skillset is the best boxing style ever. He can step around opponents and if he was a middleweight both Canelo, Triple G and Mayweather would be scared to fight him because he’s so talented. Canelo has nothing compared to Lomachenko and I should be prejudiced towards him being the best boxer in the world since we share the same nationality, Mexican, but he’s just a cheater. Even though Lomachenko has the blemish of having one loss, the loss was to the best experienced featherweight at the time. He lost because he wasn’t ready for his second fight to be a title fight. He lost by split decision which means that one judge was in favor for him winning and if you watch the fight I personally thought he won.

What did you do over the summer?

I wrote poems. I also went to Las Vegas and lived in my aunt house for a month, with my brother which sucked. It was very boring and I had nothing to do except just stay at the house.

What do you think is the best film of the year so far?

The best film of 2017 has to be Brigsby Bear but the movie that should’ve won the Oscar for best motion picture should’ve been “La La Land” not “Moonlight”

Do you like going to the same school as your sister why or why not?

No I do not, she does not improve my learning in any way.

What is your favorite class this year so far, and your favorite teacher?

I don’t have a favorite class and I don’t have a favorite teacher either.

What part of Mexico is your family from?

Zacapu is the part of Mexico my mom is from.

Are you thinking about trying out for basketball this year, why or why not?

No, if I wanted to try out I would try out.

What are you thinking about at this exact moment?

I’m thinking about how glacier freeze Gatorade isn’t even a flavor we can identify. Glacier freeze would just be a frozen piece of ice which would be water. The flavor would just be blue.

What is your favorite film ever?

I’m going to name multiple movies I enjoy which are “Mr. Nobody,” “Vanilla Sky” and “The Place Beyond the Pines” I just love mind twisting films.

Who is the best NBA team of all time?

The 00-01 Lakers is the best NBA team of all time Paul. With Kobe and Shaq, unbeatable.

What is the best shoe ever created?

The best shoe ever created has to be the classic Nike Cortez, Air Max 95/90 or the kobe 8. Personally the cortez has been an influence to me so many years so I might actually have to choose the cortez.

Who is the best rapper at the moment, and ever?

The best rapper at the moment is Kanye West. The best rapper ever is Kanye West. Zero argument he is the best rapper of all time and top five artist of all time. His music is beautiful and he is a beautiful man himself with a beautiful wife and children and the compositions he makes are very beautiful and is just blows my mind. God bless Yeezus.