15 Questions with Joshua Knowles


Oluwaseun Abitogun

After SYATP after party, Associate Pastor, Joshua Knowles, poses for photo

Oluwaseun Abitogun, 21st Century Journalism

South 2010 graduate, Joshua Knowles, is now an associate pastor at City Center Church, and he shared his experiences of high school.



  • What year did you graduate from South?

I graduated from Shawnee Mission South in 2010

  • Who was your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher was Keith Allen, and he was the Sophomore Honors English Teacher.

  • What was your hardest subject?

Calculus BC (The BC stands for big challenges)

  • What was your favorite subject?

English, because it challenged me to my fullest extent.

  • What was your favorite year at South?

Senior Year, because I got my requirements out of the way, so I could pursue my interests.

  • What is your favorite memory of South?

Leaving, just kidding. I had really incredible teachers and that there were so many male teachers.

  • What is your career now?

Associate Pastor

  • Has South influenced you in anyway of being a pastor?

Yes, because of the leadership roles and opportunities. I learned how to work with a team.

  • What positions do you fulfill in the church?

I am the Associate youth pastor and the “video announcement guy.”

  • Explain 180

180 is our church’s youth group where you can find friends worth having, adults who care about you, and a family you can’t imagine living without.

  • Explain what Fine Arts is

Fine Arts is one of the greatest things going on in 180, because it creates an avenue for people to discover their talents and discover their potential.

  • What do you think of SYATP?

I think See You At The Pole is a very unique opportunity because many kids gather together to worship and pray together in a common place setting at school such as a flagpole.

  • If there was something you could change back in high school, what would it be?

I would not be as shy about what I care about, especially my faith.

  • What is your advice to South students?

Stay in school, eat your vegetables, and go to sleep on time. I don’t care how much homework you have, sleep is important.

  • Is there anything you would like to say to South?

Nothing Greater Than a Raider…I think? Just kidding! The joy of high school is often lost on the unobservant, because if you take a step back, you realize how many rude teachers are actually helpful in life.