16 Questions with Sydney Holzman


Submitted by Sydney Holzman

As she jumps the fence freshman Sydney Holzman holds on tight to the horse, Swag.

Olivia Riley, 21st Century Journalism


Instead of running around the track, freshman Sydney Holzman is riding around an arena. She is taking care and riding her horses almost every day of the week.


OR Why did you want to start riding horses?

SH I started because it runs in the family, my family has always owned horses.

OR When did you start riding horses?

SH When I was 5, I was riding horses at an early age. My family got me on horses really early.

OR What do you have to work to take care of the horses?

SH It so much work, I have to feed them, clean their stalls, clean the horse, brush them and ride them almost every day. They are really needed and it’s hard work to take care of them.

OR What horse shows have you participated in?

SH I’ve usually competed in the Great Plains Hunter Association. I have a competition at the American Royal in two weeks.

OR What type of competition do you do?

SH Hunter Jumper, you go over fences dressed pretty with lots of cute clothes.

OR What is the best award you have ever received?

SH I was an overall champion in my division. You get a ribbon and a chair if you win the division.

OR Where is the farthest away you have traveled for a horse show?

SH Most of the horse shows I do are around Kansas. I have traveled to Topeka and I am hoping to go to a horse show in Ohio next year.

OR What is the name of the horse you ride and how old is he/she?

SH My horse’s name is Swag and he is 8 years old. He is a thoroughbred horse.

OR Why did you name your horse that?

SH My mom named him she doesn’t know why she named him Swag.

OR Where do you keep your horses?

SH At my Grandma’s farm in Grandview, Missouri. The barn is right down the hill from my grandma’s house.

OR How fit do you have to be to ride a horse?

SH Anyone can ride a horse as long as you have balance and can stay on. You have to have strong arms and legs to ride a horse.

OR Do you have any family members that help you ride?

SH My mom helps me ride by telling me what to do when I mess up.

OR Where do you go to take lessons?

SH I take lessons at my trainer’s barn in Lansing Kansas, it is a 45-minute drive and I go there twice a week to take lessons. On those days I usually don’t get back till later.

OR What makes the best riding breed of horse?

SH It depends on you, and your specific needs mine would probably be a warmblood.

OR Do you need to wear anything special for horse shows?

SH Yes, I have to wear a show shirt, a show jacket, my breachers, gloves, helmet, and tall show boots.

OR Describe what your day is like when you have a lesson?

SH I have to go to the barn and gets her horse ready then go to the trainer’s barn and ride there for 1 ½ before coming home at a late hour.