15 questions with David Vieyra


David Vieyra in concert on June 16, 2017. They played at the Aftershock live Venue in Merriam, Kansas.

Kate Riley, 21st Century Journalism

David Vieyra, a junior men’s choir student, has been in an increasingly successful Deathcore band since middle school. Deathcore consists of the genres death metal and metalcore in one sub-genre. Vieyra and his friends spend time after school together rehearsing for concerts all over Kansas City.

What is the name of the band you play in?

DV- Fratres Furorem (Pronunciation – Fra tres foo ro rehm)

What genre of music is Fratres Furorem

DV- A heavy metal subgenre that consist of death metal and metalcore fused together to make a genre known as deathcore.

When did you join/start the band? What made you decide to join/start it?

DV- Cameron Morse and I started the band in middle school. We both shared a love for music and seeing youtube videos of Dimebag Darrell (Pantera guitarist) play on stage made me want to do that someday.

Who else do you play with?

DV- Cameron Morse – vocals, Quinton Lathrom – drums, Patrick Gunsolley – guitar, and Halen Knapp – Bass.

What aspects of the band do you like/dislike?

DV- Aspects that I like is our chemistry as a band. We really jam out and build up songs on the spot and are all close. Dislikes hmm not any really.

Do you appear in concert? If so, how often?

DV- Yes we do, normally 1-2 a month. We usually play at the Aftershock live venue in Merriam, Kansas.

Are your albums sold anywhere? are they on Spotify?

DV- Our albums can be sold from us in physical form and are also available on Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music.

Does the band affect your schoolwork at all?

DV- Only at certain times. Which would be if there is a tight practice or recording schedule.

Is your family supportive of your music?

DV- They are pretty neutral. They think it’s cool but don’t go out of their way to put it so much in consideration.

Are you in any classes at south that help you play better? If so, what classes?

DV- No, I wanted to do music theory but someone told me you can’t until senior year. They were wrong. Now I’m not in it.

Who writes the music for your band?

DV- The EP we have out was all started out by me and then we brought the band in it. Nowadays we work on stuff separately and combine our ideas. Also, we will do stuff as a band on the spot.

What made you or whoever started the band decide to start it?

DV- After seeing Dimebag Darrell play. I was so inspired and wanted to play music the rest of my life and still do. When people tell me they started playing guitar, because of me it’s such an amazing feeling.

If you have been in concert, have you ever performed with anyone famous? If so, who?

DV- Yes we’ve been in concerts many times. Have we played with someone famous?In a way. Not commercially famous artist/bands but semi-famous bands. We almost played a show with Capture the Crown, but the tour got canceled because of the visa compliances that had been changed because of Trump. Capture the Crown was from the UK which made it hard for them to finish the tour.

How often do you rehearse with your band?

DV- Once a week.

Have you ever had any troubles in the band ex. fights, temporary breakups?

DV- We’ve had times when we have had to have members out, but that was never from hate or anything. So we haven’t had any “beef” with the band.