New and improved library

Sydney McDonald and Brynn Taylor, 21 Century Reporters

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  • WELCOME. Students are still welcome to work and relax even after the big renovation. Even though everything was changed, the entrance stayed the same.

  • BRIGHT. The new open concept brings in bright light and soothing scenery. Before the renovations the library wasn't as appealing to the students.

  • TASTY. Shawnee Mission South opened up its own coffee shop in the library. Students were able to buy coffee before school and during seminar.

  • WORK THIS OUT. Accociate principal Ryan Flurry sits at a desk and helps students with Macbook issues. If students were still experiencing computer problems then they went to the library for help.

  • SPOOKY. The science about afterlife, Spook, was misplaced into a section of biographies. Over the summer, the library was revamped and some of the books have been placed in the wrong spots.

  • CHRONICLES. This single bookcase holds all of the animation series. Manga and graphic novels have gotten more popular over the years.

  • RELAX.The furniture is upgraded from its old table and chairs to its new white top tables. The big renovation over the summer has made many changes for the bookworms.

  • A DIFFERENT VIEW. The new library has new movable tables and chairs. Before they were heavy, chunky and not easy to move to accommodate to the classes that come to work.

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