15 Questions with Britney Palacio

Shawnee Mission South freshman, Britney Palacio, talks about what it is like to move from Michoacan, Mexico to Kansas City.


KH: What was it like moving here from Michoacan, Mexico?

BP: It felt really weird and strange. It was nerve racking moving to a different country and learning a new language.

KH: What and who do you miss from Mexico?

BP: The fresh air and everything being open. In Mexico nothing was closed, no glass in windows, sometimes no doors. And I really miss the food! The food in Mexico is so much better than the food here. The food in America is so processed!

KH:  What is a major thing you had to get used to?

BP: Not wearing uniforms. In Mexico I had to wear uniforms even in public schools. I loved the uniforms because it took so much less time to get ready in the morning.

KH: Did you know how to speak English before you came to America?

BP: No I did not know a single thing. When I first got here I had two translators they were not that good they kept speaking a mixture of Spanish and English so I barely understood.

KH: Which place would you rather live Kansas or Mexico?

BP: America because there are more opportunities and a better chance at getting a job.

KH: What is a tradition you wish we had here in the United States?

BP: Posadas which is an event during Christmas where you go to people’s houses and sing gospel music and then they give you food.

KH: What is the difference in the fashion they have here than in Mexico?

BP: Here there are more choices and it is more scandalous in Mexico it is more traditional and respectful.music and then they give you food.

KH: Do you still have family there. If so who?

BP: You bet I can’t name them all. I don’t even know half of them. But when I go I mainly go see my cousin and my abuela.

KH: How long was the trip here. How did you get here?

BP: It took 11 hours with all the traveling. We flew here.

KH: Where is your favorite place to go when you go to Mexico?

BP: Acapulco the beaches there are the perfect temperature and we have a barbecue on the beach.  

KH: What are the benefits of speaking two languages?

BP: You can help people who don’t understand English. It is really cool and nice helping other people.

KH: What is your favorite Mexican food. And how do the ones we have in America compare?

BP: My favorite food is muendo,(sheep stomach) it feels spongy when you eat it. But don’t even get me started on the food here it is disgusting. The flavor is terrible Mexico uses more natural ingredients everything here is so processed and tastes like rotten cheese.

KH: What is the difference in the schools here and in Mexico?

BP: The schools in Mexico are mainly outside unlike the schools here and schools here have more technology and the education is better.

KH: What is your favorite thing about America?

BP: The technology here is so much better than the technology in Mexico, and the wifi I love having wifi.

KH: What is your favorite American tradition?

BP: Halloween because you get to be someone you’re not, and if you go trick or treating in Mexico they are like, ‘Get out.’