First Generation College Students vs. Second Generation College Students


Hayden Zeller

Which one is more beneficial, being a first generation college student or being a second generation college student, both of these can have their benefits, both of these can have their disadvantages, so let’s find out which one is better.

So, what is it like being a second generation student in the eyes of some of the students here at South?

“It is pretty chill being a second generation student,” senior Adam Zahnd said.

First generation student Lydia Kernen doesn’t know what this answer is quite yet.

“I don’t know that answer yet, not there yet,” sophomore Lydia Kernen said.

Both of these students have the same opinion on the desire of students wanting to go to college, whether that may be a second generation or a first.

“I do not think there is a difference in the desire of wanting to go to college regardless regardless of what generation student you are,” Zahnd said.

“I don’t really think there is a difference in wanting to go more vs not wanting to go more,” Kernen said.

Even though Zahnd has an older brother in college he doesn’t let that affect him on what colleges he looks at.

“No my brother hasn’t influenced me on where to look I’m looking where I want to look. My brother has told me that it is hard work but also a lot of fun,” Zahnd said.

College adviser Jasmine Morgan doesn’t think it matters what generation student you are, all students just need a little of this.

“Most people just need a little motivation to want to go,” Morgan said.

Second vs First, both are going on to college. There might be an advantage one way or another like having someone already there for Zahnd or more desire for Kernen. Whatever their state may be, hopefully they both can make it through.