What you can do to help pay for college


Juliana Martin , 21st Century Journalist

College adviser Jasmine Morgan’s job is to help seniors figure out the next step or secondary plans in their lives.. Morgan expands their options. She also gives out resources to scholarships and grants, helping people to pay for college. Even for Morgan, paying for college was a challenge.

“Wasn’t cheap but it was worth it,” Morgan said about going to college.

For many students paying for college is really stressful, but Morgan helps people better understand finances.

Room and board are probably the most expensive things students pay for,” Morgan said.

It ranges from school to school but on average, room and board alone is about $10,500. Tuition can be relatively cheap.

“Tuition is about $8,000, that’s just classes. Room and board can range from $10,000 to $15,000. If you add in books, personal expenses, things that are not billed to you by your college or university that can be a couple thousands dollars as well. Public schools are a lot cheaper than private schools,” Morgan said.

Just for in state expenses it can be more than $20,000. For out of state it costs more and then there’s having to add in travel expenses. For example if someone is driving out of state they will need to add in hotel and gas expenses as well. One way to help pay for college is to fill out a form called FAFSA. 

“FAFSA is a form that you fill out and will tell you if you are eligible for financial aid,” counselor Beau Gothier said.

Many students will fill out this form and will get some federal money. There are other ways a student can get help with finances.

“Students on free and reduced lunch qualify for application fee waivers. They can get waivers for the ACT exams as well,” Morgan said.

There are many things you can do to help save for college such as applying for scholarships and waivers. It won’t be cheap, but it will be worth it.