Advice for students going into college


Here are some of the colleges that faculty in the school went to, these are only a few of the options.

Katie Hiebl, 21st century Journalism

Many teens come to high school not knowing much about college, here are some tips from counselors and a student about going into college.

“Take the ACT, and apply to as many colleges as you can. You should talk to older students and friends. This to see what you need to do to be prepared,” counselor Kelly Lillis said.

Most students going into college don’t have any idea of what they want to do with their future, and most are uninformed. But the school has four counselors to help you get through process.

According to Lillis be as prepared as you can.

College adviser Jasmin Morgan, also had advice about getting ready for college.

“It is OK not to know exactly what you want to be going into college, most students are undecided.  Do what you want to do, you can still be successful if you don’t go to four year college. Explore your options and find out what you are truly interested in,” Morgan said.

Another important note Morgan added about applying for colleges is to proofread your applications.

“This is somewhere you can spend the next four years of your life, so you should spend more that 15 minutes on it,” Morgan said.

On the other hand, some advice from senior Amber Mills’ perspective on applying for colleges is to apply to more than one college.

“Apply to any and all colleges you can even if you get accepted it does not mean you have to go there but at least you have the option open. I talked to my cousin, who has already been through college, Mr. Gothier the counselor, and Ms. Morgan college counselor,” Mill’s said.

Make sure to look at different options. It is OK to not know what you want to be or do, there are people in the school that can answer questions. Talk to friends and family that might know a thing or two to help you make the decision.