In or out-college


Jenica Kolbeck, 21st Century Journalism

Seniors across America will be deciding on which college they will be attending this fall.  When they decide, not only do students have to take into account tuition, programs and size of schools, but they must also take into account a school’s location.

“[When looking at colleges] I [look at] the overall campus if I can see myself living there; I like looking at cool things not at the college but also around the college,” senior Grace Reinman said.

Location of schools has influence on many things. For example, Kansas colleges are more likely to have agricultural programs, and Oregon colleges are more likely to have forestry programs.  But another thing location influences is tuition.  Going to a school out of a student’s home state is much more expensive than staying in state.

“One[reason students stay] is because it’s a lot more affordable,” college adviser Jasmine Morgan said.  

On average, it costs over $8,000 more to attend a school that is out of state.  But for some students they feel they need to leave no matter the cost.

“If I stay [in state] for college I’m gonna end up here,” senior Grace Reiman said.  Reinman wants to leave her home state of Kansas after high school and college.

Reiman is hoping to go to college in the Northwestern United States, far from Kansas.  Reinman hopes to leave Kansas to explore other parts of the United States and find her place; yet still looks forward to visiting home.

“I really want to go to the University of Washington,” Reinman said.  She also said, “It’ll make it a bigger deal,” when referring to coming back to Kansas.

But some choose to stay within reach of their hometowns.  Many stay for a variety of reasons, but for senior Margo Hunter, a scholarship offer kept her close,

“They [KU] made a good offer and I couldn’t pass it up,” Hunter said.

Hunter has received a scholarship to join the rowing team at KU. This is what will keep her in Kansas.

But whether or not other students will stay in state is up to them.