Drivers ed should be more affordable


Drivers ed costs so much money it could keep you from driving.

Katie Hiebl, 21st Century Journalism

Today, most people drive their own car as their main way of transportation. So why in today’s world is drivers ed so expensive.

I think that drivers ed should be cheaper so that everyone can do it. If you do take drivers ed then you can get your license a little bit earlier, and you can get up to a 25 percent decrease on your insurance. But because drivers ed is so expensive many people don’t do  it.

Drivers ed should be cheaper so that everyone can take it. It would help make people better, smarter drivers. If it doesn’t why do we even have it and why is it required to get your learner’s permit? By making drivers ed so expensive the state and the government are making it seem like drivers ed is only for the elite or privileged people who can pay for it. Driver’s ed can cost anywhere from $200- $400 and has been recently required by the state.

One way to solve the problem is to put drivers ed back in schools. Drivers ed used to be a class provided by schools. Which I think is good. It makes the schools and the government work together to make driving safer for everyone on the road if more people were educated drivers. Studies from Nebraska University show that people who did not take drivers ed were 75 percent more likely to get a ticket, 24 percent more likely to get into a fatal accident, and 16 percent to have an accident.

Even though insurance companies offer a discount for people who do take driver’s ed when you work out the math it is not really worth it. An idea for making drivers ed more affordable is to reimburse drivers for taking the class and being a safe driver. The leading cause of death for people 15-20 is car accidents studies from Nebraska University show.

I think that drivers ed should be cheaper for teens so that everyone can be safer on the road and maybe we can get the statistics of people dying from car wrecks down.