Girl’s best friend

Why I love my dog more than anything.

Fred spends some downtime on the couch after playing with her favorite rope

The light of my life, my shining star, my one and only, my sweet puppy. My dog has been in my life for nine amazing years, she brings me joy, cuddles and kisses.

My family got Fred when I was in first grade from a farm in the middle of nowhere Kansas. I remember driving home with her wrapped in a towel, asleep in between my sister and me. That’s when I knew that I would love this chubby little baby for the rest of my life.

Raising a beagle puppy is just the worst most of the time. They have energy and it never runs out. Fred would eat everything in the house, including the stairs, $50, all of my Webkinz, my shoes and basically everything that she could reach. Regardless, she got pampered by my family. She sat on the couch with us. She ate off our plates, and she got our undivided attention for just having floppy ears. My dog has been there for me through thick and thin. She has been patient for every home video and every tickle attack that I have put her through.

I love my dog because she reassures me that the creaks I am hearing are not ghosts because she is still sound asleep, I love her because no matter how long we are gone, she always comes running when we come home. I love her because when she falls asleep, she twitches constantly. My dog has the prettiest spots, they make her look like a beautiful flower, if flowers looked like adorable dogs. Her ears are just the right length for me to flop around when she is trying to sleep. I love her because her name is Fred and she defies all gender norms. Fred has different barks for everything she wants, which is food, to go outside, to come inside, and more food. Sometimes if she isn’t getting enough attention she will start playing with herself by throwing her rope and running after it. Fred will catch anything you throw at her before figuring out it is not food or a toy, and she also refuses to eat any part of a vegetable.

My dog may be my favorite living thing for the weird things she does and her soft ears, but the best thing she does is give our family a happy presence, pets are an important part of everyone’s lives, if they have on of course. Regardless of what it is, pets are the best thing that could ever happen and we take total advantage of having a furry, or scaly, best friend.