‘Let It Snow’ Is a Cute Collaboration of Romance Authors to Create an Enjoyable Read


By Avery Woods – Let It Snow

Avery Woods, Assistant Editor in Chief, Sports Editor

What’s better than a Hallmark-esque Christmas romance? Three Hallmark-esque Christmas romances. That’s the gist of “Let It Snow,” a three-part holiday romance, with each story written by a different author, and all tied together in one story. The defining aspect of this book is the fact that one part is written by John Green, the king of YA novels. That’s what increased the popularity of this book, and his part is by far my favorite.

The first part is written by Maureen Johnson, called the Jubilee Express. The story follows Jubilee as her parents get sent to jail on Christmas Eve for fighting over a Christmas decoration. Jubilee is sent on a train in a huge snowstorm to her grandparents’ house. The train breaks down in Gracetown, and she makes her way to a Waffle House, where she meets Stuart, who takes her back to his house through the storm to take care of her on Christmas.

This story is good, but I feel like the romance was rushed a little bit. It only lasts about a day and a half, and at the end she’s got a boyfriend and she’s ditched her ex-boyfriend over the phone. It’s not very realistic, but it’s cute. This story was probably my least favorite.

My favorite story by far was the second one by John Green, called A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle. The stories are all connected, so this also takes place in Gracetown. It’s about three people: Duke, JP and Tobin. It’s told from Tobin’s point of view. Basically, the same train that carried Jubilee also carried a bunch of cheerleaders, who also headed into the Waffle House. The three friends get a call from said Waffle House on Christmas Eve, where their friend Keun works, and he tells them to come over with Twister for the cheerleaders. JP and Tobin are boys and immediately jump in the car, but the Duke, a girl who gets her name for being at tomboy, is less than excited. They drive through the snowstorm while racing two other boys who are also coming with the Twister and meet many obstacles.

I liked this one the best because I love John Green’s writing. It was hilarious but also kind of deep as well as a bit romantic. I feel like it was the most fun story to read. The characters are funny and developed, and it’s pretty lighthearted.

The third story, The Patron Saint of Pigs, is written by Lauren Myracle and is about a self-absorbed girl named Addie who is hung up on her ex-boyfriend, whom she drunkenly cheated on at a Christmas party the week before. Addie asked Jeb, her ex, to come from another town to meet her and talk about what happened. Jeb rode the train with Jubilee and the cheerleaders. Though the romance is the main part of the story, it also includes a teacup piglet and Starbucks.

This story was actually pretty good, but the main character wasn’t very likable. That was my main drawback — her “problems” seemed pretty stupid. Addie started out pretty dramatic and annoying and then she changed for the better. A dynamic character is the mark of good writer, so I would say that it was written pretty well.

All in all, I’d give this book a 4 out of 5 stars because though it wasn’t very deep, the short stories were fun to read.