The ‘Twilight’ Series is the Worst Series Ever

the worst

the worst

Avery Woods, Assistant Editor in Chief, Sports Editor

The Twilight series is quite possibly the worst YA series I’ve read in my entire life.

Yes, I said it, and I’ll probably get some hate for this, because people either love Twilight or hate it. And yes, the movies were awful, but I’m going to tell you why I believe that the books never should have gained the attention they did.

I started reading the Twilight series a couple of weeks ago because I was curious as to why they were so popular. Immediately, I was disgusted, but my determination to slander it caused me to read them all in the span of two weeks in order to be a complete expert on why Twilight is awful. Here is a helpful guide to the Twilight books, from the perspective of a hater:

1.Bella is the worst character.

She is flat and has nothing quirky about her. She has all of the cute “quirks” that would come with a stereotypical teenage girl. She’s somehow never had a boyfriend, yet when she moves to Forks, she immediately has the attention of every boy she meets. She’s self-absorbed and silly, and her logic is backwards and sick. She would be a good character if she was dynamic, but she’s not.

2.The writing is bad.

The descriptions are just terrible. The way she describes her love interest is creepy, and the plot is just strange. Who thinks up these things? How is this book critically acclaimed? Why is it popular? It is a mindless, brainless attempt at romance that has faults in every aspect of the book. Plus, the wording is terrible. It’s probably at a fifth grade reading level. No wonder so many people liked it — it’s angled towards people of lesser intelligence.

I have very little faith in the world now that I’ve read a terrible series that was supposedly so popular.”

3. The plot is unoriginal.

Every time something was about to happen, I’d know immediately. I could totally tell what was going to happen. It’s too predictable. I don’t understand how so many people liked it with how predictable it was.

4.She didn’t pick Jacob. (Spoiler alert.)

Yes, I understand that Jacob imprints on someone else in the end, but Jacob was just a better person for Bella than Edward was. Edward’s character was flat and boring, and Bella’s infatuation with him was just sick. Jacob, however, actually helped Bella and he grew with Bella. They had a mutual relationship formed by friendship and trust; her relationship with Edward was based on lust and infatuation.

I’d just like to say that any book that includes a vampire as a major part of the plot is now ruined for me because of this series. I don’t mind romance series; it’s just that this one sucked. I have very little faith in the world now that I’ve read a terrible series that was supposedly so popular. This series is an insult to YA fiction and literature everywhere. 0/5 stars because of everything above.