The ‘Legend’ Trilogy is Legendary

The “Legend” trilogy is basically a combination of the “Hunger Games,” “Divergent” and awesome. Marie Lu is my new favorite author — seriously.

The series consists of three books, “Legend,” “Prodigy” and “Champion.” Each of these books is amazing.

“Legend” is told from two points of view — June’s and Day’s. Set in a world where America has split after a major civil war between the Colonies and the Republic. “Legend” follows these two on their journeys as they meet each other in a nation teetering on the edge of a rebellion. June is the Republic’s prodigy — the only child to ever get a perfect score on the Trials, a mandatory physical and mental assessment that every child in the Republic takes. June has been accelerated through high school and is now in her senior year of college at the age of 15. If you fail the Trials, the penalty is certain death. Day failed his Trials and escaped, and is the Republic’s most wanted criminal, even though he’s only a 15-year-old kid living on the streets with his friend Tess, stealing food and money for his family. After Day kills June’s brother Metias while escaping from his latest con, June is determined to hunt him down and take him into custody. But not everything in the Republic is as it seems. The Republic that June once loved seems to be deteriorating before her very eyes.

The second book, “Prodigy,” and the third book, “Champion,” follow Day and June as their stories continue. These books are page-turners — every part is filled with suspense and plot twists.

Marie Lu’s writing is understandable yet complex; the plot is entertaining and quick. The characters are complex yet lovable. June is a strong female character who is simultaneously relatable and admirable. Day is a gritty yet kind character, making him an instant favorite. Basically, everything about this series is wonderful.

I would give this a 10/10, would recommend, and it’s pretty hard for me to give that review to a book. The only other series that’s ever received that rating from me is Harry Potter — so you have to know this series is good.