‘Isle of Dogs’ Review




The resurrection of animated Wes Anderson films has finally arrived with “Isle of Dogs.” The feature tells the story of the nephew of an anti-dog political leader and his journey to Trash Island, the government ordered home of all dogs. The boy goes in search of his own pet, Spots, and is met with the help of a pack of various other Trash Island canine inhabitants.

The film’s strengths include its attention to detail, noticeable in every film done by Anderson, and ability to keep a variety of audiences involved even with a large portion of the film in Japanese. The number of acclaimed celebrities involved in the film, including Bill Murray, Ed Norton, Greta Gerwig and even Yoko Ono also assist with the film’s earning of high praise. Even with it’s mature wit and dark themes though, I found “Isle of Dogs” to be more truly targeted to children than Anderson’s past animated film, Fantastic Mr. Fox. Nevertheless, the story was an original and refreshing tale told through beautiful animation and genuine voice acting from some of Hollywood’s finest, leaving Isle of Dogs as nothing less than a great film.