Boys soccer takes another loss


Milad Jahani, Reporter

South suffered another disappointing loss Thursday night versus Lawrence Free State. The players persevered through rain and lighting all night long in an attempt to bring home the first win of the season.

As soon as the game started, fans either whipped their umbrellas out or stampeded to the press box in order to take cover from the rain. The players toughed out the rough conditions until the 12th minute, when a lighting delay went into effect.

According to KSHAA guidelines, “When thunder is heard or cloud-to-ground lightning is seen, the leading edge of the thunderstorm is close enough to pose a lightning risk. Suspend play and take shelter immediately.” This suspended play lasts until a full 30 minutes has passed “…from the last sound of thunder or lightning strike witnessed,” to ensure the safety of the players, which at the end of the day is the most important thing.

Before the lightning delay went into effect, South was dominating Free State in ball possession and completed passes.

“We were doing really good and then we had the lightning delay and we were going to come out strong but they came out a little bit stronger and that was unfortunate. The lightning delay definitely hurt us,” junior Mason Vick said.

With seven minutes left to go until the end of the first half, junior goalkeeper Emmanuel Gomez was scored on from 55 yards out when he was caught, as Vick put it, in a “mental lapse.” Gomez was covering for senior Wiley Kirk who could not play until the second half.

This storyline seems to be recurring theme for boys team, as every week an unlucky event occurs which causes them to barely lose the game in heartbreaking fashion. Statistically, South crushed Free State with 245 more passes and a total of 53% ball possession.

“I honestly think that we just didn’t want it enough in the box and we just didn’t take as many shots that needed to be taken,” junior Jonathan Young said when asked about what was holding the team back from scoring. “We dribbled too much and I feel like once we get our offense down and get more shots in, the goals will start coming.”

South is currently 0-4 this season and has 12 more games to go until playoff season. Their next faceoff is against Olathe Northwest at the College Boulevard Activity Center on Tuesday the 11th.