Duck Donuts Review


Katie Hiebl, Reporter

Finding a place to get a doughnut is not hard, but finding a good doughnut is a little more challenging. Ducks Doughnuts just opened up in Leawood Kansas next door to Price Chopper.

When you first walk into Ducks Doughnuts the inside is very colorful and modern. The walls are painted white with bright pink and blue. The doughnuts are machine made and then topped by an employee as you watch.

Everyone inside was very nice an helpful. Since my friends and I had never been to Ducks, we were not familiar with the menu, we asked the cashier for recommendations (The s’mores and pumpkin were two of our favorites).

At Ducks, you can get traditional flavors or customize your own, but they featured doughnuts with unusual flavors such as a bacon maple, glazed with apple, streusel & salted caramel drizzle, and vanilla icing with caramel drizzle.

All Ducks doughnuts are vanilla cake and then customize with different frostings and toppings according to order. The doughnuts are warm, fluffy and delicious.

In my opinion, the doughnuts are reasonably priced. A single doughnut costs $1.60, a half dozen is $8.50 and a dozen is $15.25. Ducks also sells breakfast sandwiches, ice cream, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Overall I give Ducks 4 out of 5 stars, the shop is small and does not have much seating but the food and service is extremely good. I highly recommend trying the S’mores doughnut.