The Power of a Good Chapstick

Catherine Gunnigle, Reporter

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Nothing is worse than dry, cracked lips in the wintertime. The crusty, dried out, bleeding smile is just not cute, sis. Though I often get mocked by my friends for the five or more chapsticks I always have with me, I am just not ashamed. Not only are chapped lips just gross, it’s also one of the most painful and uncomfortable feelings. I just don’t get how other people don’t value the importance of a good chapstick and all it can do for you. I always have a stick of Burt’s Bees with me. I have one in my car, backpack, soccer bag, bedroom and even one typically in the notch in my water bottle. I refuse to have chapped lips and you should too. Plus, this winter in KC was so horrible so there was rarely a time I didn’t immediately wake up and apply my lifesaver. The nine degree weather and the harsh wind chill would dry em out in a second so it truly was just me and my burts bees against the world. Some people might say it’s an addiction, but while chapstick doesn’t trigger a chemical addiction like the nicotine, it can become a psychological habit that may feel a lot like addiction. So where I see how people can be confused, it’s really just not like that. I believe that everyone should own a good chapstick and apply ALWAYS when necessary to keep those smiles pretty and those lips luscious!!

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