KSMS Block Party

Annalie Polen, Social media manager

If you like it when KSMS comes on the advisory show then you would also enjoy when KSMS has their Block Party. On Thursday, March 21st many of the different KSMS members displayed their work they have been doing throughout the year at their showing event called Block Party. While attending the event there are many different awards they give out for different jobs such as best actor, best actress, and best editor.  

“I think just seeing everyone else’s videos and the audiences reaction to them is my favorite part”, KSMS member Ashley Gilliford said.

Kice Mansi and Colin Wilkinson hosted the night with an opening video to hit it off. South’s very own 3% Milk also performed during the event. The night finished out with an open vote for best video. The video that got the most votes from the audience was “Discovering Dondo” by Anna Burns. Overall the night was filled with lots of humor and great works of creativity.