Nutrition Expedition

A rundown on what local nutrition shops have to offer.


Over the summer, you might have noticed that local nutrition shops have become very popular. Places like 913 Nutrition, Vibe Nutrition and Energizing Mission have recently.

Energizing Mission shakes contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients, at least 18 grams of protein and can be used as meal replacements. Teas have metabolism-boosting properties and aloe that soothes the digestive system and assists with hydration and increases nutrient absorption.

“You can come in and try things from the menu and 99 percent of the time customers are going to start feeling better,” Vibe Nutrition employee Lisa Augi said.

These shops all have one goal: to help their customers focus on their nutrition and health long term. The shops all have similar offerings, but students have their own personal preferences.

“Vibe’s location is the most convenient for me and I really like the staff,” senior Brinley Pace said.

Vibe Nutrition is located at 127th and Antioch. Energizing Mission is located at Johnson drive and Lamar.

“At Energizing Mission, they’re nicer than the other places and they talk to you about normal things,” junior Emily Hays said. 

While Hays prefers Energizing, sophomore Jillian Phillips favors 913 Nutrition.

“At 913 I really like the people and staff and they know me really well. I like their shakes better than Energizing, but that’s my opinion,” Phillips said, “It’s a safe and welcoming environment and they have tables to study [at].”

These nutrition shops have lots to offer South students.

“Vibe is a fun environment and everything here is healthy, so if anyone is already into drinking smoothies and energy drinks, Vibe is going to be a healthy option for them to have,” Augi said.

For the employees of the nutrition shops, they want to do more than provide customers with a healthy drink.

“There is a sense of community and we are trying to build relationships here,” said 913 co-owner Jordan McDaniel, “It’s a place where students can come and get something healthier than if they went to Starbucks.”

The vitamin and mineral filled shakes provide a full meal and it’s a great option for an energy-boosting breakfast instead of a bowl of sugary cereal.

“A lot of people go out and buy protein shakes but they aren’t getting the same benefits they would from a full meal,” McDaniel said.