National Testing Day


Nathan Judd, Reporter

National testing day is on Wednesday October 16th.
Freshmen are taking the pre ACT, Sophomores are taking the PSAT, and juniors are either taking the practice ACT or the PSAT to qualify for National Merit Scholarship.
“I would recommend that they get a good night’s sleep and that they eat breakfast and relax and do the best job they can do on each test” Counselor Kelly Lillis said.
Every test is very important but the NMSQT/ PSAT (National Merit Semifinalist Qualifying Test) is probably the most important. This year South had three people qualified for the NMSQT and if they are finalists they will be offered lots of scholarship money and be able to go to almost any college they want to.
The practice ACT is very important too, because it helps students prepare for the real ACT, which they will be taking senior year. It also helps qualify students for college.
It is also very important to get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast before the tests.
“(The hardest part is) sitting for three or four hours and kind of having a little bit of brain overload” said Lillis.