There’s strength in unity

BSU plans to sell t-shirts in order to promote their club.

Annalie Polen, Reese Woods, and Miles McKenna

Shawnee Mission South holds many different clubs and opportunities for people to join new communities. One club here at South is BSU, Black Student Union. Although you may see posters around the school, many students probably don’t know what they do and what the point of the club is. BSU is not only a fun community that does activities like games, but they also touch on important topics and controversies that arise in the school and the world around us. Lead by president Jersey Bailey they cover topics such as whether du-rags should be allowed to be worn at school or not. They also go on field trips where they help better the community. The members of the club find many benefits of being in the club.

“I do BSU to have a community for not only black students but minorities we have a safe space. It is important so that we can show our representation at South”, Junior and BSU member Lordes Johnson said.

They will be selling this years BSU shirt at lunches on either the first or second week of December. They will be cash only, so make sure to bring cash to lunches these days. Be sure to support their club and everything they do by buying a shirt at your lunch. Also if you find yourself with nothing to do on the first and third Thursday of the month stop by the club after school for a fun and meaningful time at BSU.

“You should join BSU because it’s really fun and it’s a good time”, Johnson said, “like we’re all friends we like to hang out, we do a lot of things outside of BSU and it’s just really fun, so make sure to join”.

Reese Woods
Posters are hung around the school to promote BSU.