Q and A with Brynn Taylor

Q and A about what it is like having classes at the CAA.


Katie Hiebl, Features Editor

What class do you go to at the CAA? 

I am in the biotechnology program at the CAA.

What do you do in that class?

I mostly perform labs in that class. We do a lot of real world activities. 

What is your favorite thing about that class? 

We go on a lot of field trips, do a lot of presenting, go to a lot of conventions, and we do a lot of competitions which are really cool. There’s a lot of really good experience in that.

What time of the day do you go to the CAA?

In the morning 

Is it hard to make time in your schedule to go to the CAA?

It wasn’t too hard to make time, because as a senior you only have a couple of core classes you should take and it is really easy to adjust those classes around to fit whether they’re in the morning or the afternoon. 

What is it like having to drive to the CAA everyday?

For me in the morning getting there everyday is kind of a hassle. It’s all the way up on 71st and Metcalf so the drive there is pretty long and there’s always traffic up there. Our classes start at 8 am rather than 7:40 so we do have 20 minutes of wiggle room. For the kids who ride the bus, they still have to be at South at 7:30 in the morning, then the buses leaves to go to the CAA around 7:50. There’s a good chunk of time to be able to get there and be on time to class.

Why did you decide to take a class at the CAA?

I decided to take this class honestly because it just sounded interesting. As i’ve taken the class  I’ve had a lot of really good life experiences that ive been able to take from the class and there are some helpful tips. I do wanna go into the biology field so there are some things that I have taken in and just some basic understanding of some biology topics. 

Is there any sort of stigma against the CAA? 

I wouldn’t call it a stigma but there’s kind of an expectation that if you go there you are really really smart, or you already have a quote on quote life plan. A lot of the students there are just real people from all five high schools and there are most definitely a lot of smart kids especially in the engineering programs. It’s not what everyone expects and the teachers there are really great about helping out students.

Have you made any friends at the CAA? 

 I have made friends with my entire class there is only 10 of us. On the other side there’s the higher level biotech class and there’s only a few of them in there too so we all kinda made friends as well. We go on field trips a lot so well see each other frequently in the mornings. We’ve done a lot together, we talk all the time, and we are all annoying and silly. Its really cool that I got to make friends with people who are not only interested in the same things I am, but they have the capabillity to reach outside of the box and not be super cliquey. We are together not only at our own independent schools we are forced to branch out and that is really nice. 

Has your relationship with your friends changed at all from taking classes at the CAA?

No, it has actually gotten a lot better because one of my best friends right now goes to the CAA in the morning for her medical program. It’s actually brought us closer together because we see eachother everyday now and we’ve been friends for some time. That’s kinda how we matured our bond and I guess is what has grown us a lot closer. I am really grateful for that because we were close back some time ago then split up and went our own ways, and not to be cliche or anything the CAA brought us back together and mended our bond. I don’t know its really cool.