What hybrid will look like?

The return to in-person learning will look different from any other year

With students returning to school Monday, many questions still stand as to what things will look like in the hybrid learning model.

Entrance to the building will be pretty normal. Students’ temperatures will not be taken, but they are required to properly wear a mask — over mouth and nose — and keep an appropriate distance at all times throughout the school day. Masks are required from the time students arrive at school or come in contact with someone they do not live with, until they leave and or arrive at home.

“I think the masks requirements are a good thing and should help reduce the chances of covid spreading. I’m used to wearing a mask at work so it doesn’t bother me, but I know for other people that aren’t used to them it bothers them,” senior Oscar Kariuki said.

Once at school, the hallways are “Go Zones.” Students will not be allowed to stop and socialize in the hallways. New roundabouts are being installed to help with separation and help with the flow of students in the main hallways. If students arrive early, they will go to one of three locations: the cafeteria, learning commons or their first class for the day.

When students are in the classroom, seating charts will be used to help with physical distancing. When entering the classroom, students are required to wash or sanitize their hands before and after every class period or anytime they leave or enter a room.

“I think it is necessary, lots has changed and we have to change our routines as a result,” junior Grace Rood said.

No snacks or any other food or drink, besides water, is allowed. Students are asked to move their masks as little as possible to drink their water. There will be four lunch periods this year instead of the usual three. Students will be spaced appropriately at tables in the cafeteria, but also have the option of eating outside in the courtyard if the weather permits. Seniors are encouraged to leave school for open lunch.

“I feel like that is stupid because some people don’t eat lunch, and a lot of kids bring snacks to get them through the day,” senior Lorenzo Chatmon said.

One important change affects the staircases — each will be designated an up or down staircase to help limit the number of people in the stairwell at a time. There will also be no locker assignments this year to help keep hallway traffic flowing.

“The down staircases remind me of middle school but I am sure they will become a normal routine very easily,” senior Grace Vavack said.

Class attendance on hybrid days will be dependent on the class and the teacher. Some teachers may have hybrid students attend virtual class on days when they would not be in person. Students will also not be able to travel to different classes during seminar like they have been able to in the past. Students will still be able to webex with their teachers but will not be physically able to go into a different class.

“If we can’t travel or get help during seminar than why do we even have it? During the time we have seminar, they should let kids go home and check in at home,” senior Mary Novack said.