Graduation Date Change

Board of Education votes to move graduation dates for seniors

The SMSD board of education has voted to move the graduation of the 2021 class to May 24. Previously the graduation date was set for June 1. The last day of school was also moved from June 14 to May 27. The original June dates were due to school beginning after Labor Day.

“We could not have graduation on June 1, and simply moved it up a week,” Principal Todd Dain said.

This almost two week cut has multiple effects, including a longer summer break, a normal end to the school year, and most importantly the graduation date for seniors.

“It’s very exciting to hear,” senior Sadie Holloway said. “I’m glad I’ll have a full summer break before college.”

It was a simple change, the biggest plus being a much earlier end to the school year.

The 2020 graduation date had to be moved multiple times while the district adjusted to COVID and more guidelines were put in place, eventually resulting in an online graduation through Youtube.

“We have seen a lot of changes during this pandemic, and this shift should really only be positive,” Dain said.
After COVID forced an extended summer break in 2020, the entirety of the ’20-’21 school year was pushed forward. While a mid-june end to the school year does not totally ruin most people’s plans, it can affect family vacations, as well as a shorter summer break in order to “reset” the schedule.