Hidden Talents

Student shows talent and passion for singing, releases new song.


“Still Caught On” by Pineapple Wine and Macy Brassell is now streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Prime and iTunes.

Senior Macy Brassell is a member of Pep Club, Tennis, KSMS and Crowd Control. What may not be so obvious is her talent and passion for singing.

Brassell has been singing since she was young.

“I started to sing at church on stage,” Brassell said.

Over the years, she began to improve her singing and started to lead.

“Now I’m a worship leader in church so that’s what keeps me involved [in singing] consistently.”

Through music, Brassell also expresses her emotions.

“I do like to write a lot, it can turn into something like lyrics to a song or something but it’s therapeutic just when I have a lot of things on my mind,” Brassell said. “It helps me.”

Over summer break, she released a song with a friend.

“It was just us jamming out and playing together,” Brassell said. “It didn’t feel overwhelming. There were no expectations from anyone, so anything I released anyone would think was kinda cool.”

“Still Caught On” is streaming on YouTube, Prime, Apple Music, Spotify and iTunes. Brassell hopes to go to college for music so she can study the producing side of music.

“If I do go to college for music, I’ll probably meet a lot of people that are interested in doing that [singing] and I’ll definitely collaborate on stuff and release more music in the future.” Brassell said.