Chiefs lose AFC Championship Game

Raider’s football coach shares thoughts on disappointing end to Chiefs season

Arrowhead stadium: the home of the Kansas City Chiefs, and the loudest stadium in the world.
The crowd roars. The team runs onto the field. Enthusiasm and excitement is in the air. The Chiefs are ready to play their fourth consecutive AFC championship on their home field, this time going up against the Cincinnati Bengals for a spot in the 56th Super Bowl.

The Chiefs have overall had a good season. They were first in AFC West and ended the regular season record 14-5. Meanwhile, the Bengals have a season record of 12 wins and 7 losses. The last time the Chiefs played the Bengals during the regular season, the Chiefs lost 31-34. The game was close though.

The game between the Chiefs and Bengals was a good fight. The Chiefs ended up losing in the end, but the game was close.

In the first quarter the Chiefs were off to a good start, they scored a touchdown, but the Bengals got a field goal.

In the second quarter, the Bengals finally got a touchdown, but the Chiefs came back with two touchdowns.

After halftime in the 3rd quarter, the Chiefs started falling behind. By the 4th quarter, Chiefs fans started to think it was over. Until the very end, the Chiefs were able to tie the game and go into overtime.

The Chiefs won the coin toss, they started off good but the Bengals caught up. Overtime was a good fight, but it ended with the Bengals scoring a field goal and taking their spot in the Super bowl.

Head football coach Nick Foster is a huge Chiefs fan.

“I’m a huge Chiefs fan, and I was actually at the game on Sunday Jan. 31st” said Foster.

The loss was disappointing and sad for many fans. Foster was disappointed.

“I was really bummed, actually a better word to use would be sad. I was sad,” Foster said. “We were such a talented team and I truly believed we were going to win the Super Bowl if we could just get there.”

There are a couple similarities between our own football team and the Chiefs. Both the Chiefs used one word this year as their “theme word” — believe.

“I saw two connections,” Foster said. “The Chiefs offense struggled to score in the Red Zone in the second half and the same was true with our offense this year. That is an area we are going to spend a lot of time on getting better”.

“The Chiefs defense got significantly better as the year went on and the same thing happened with our defense. As the season progressed our defense got stronger and gave up fewer points. We started to force turnovers and get sacks,” Foster said.

The Chiefs had a good season and they put up a good fight, but all good things have to end. Along with the Raider football team, the red kingdom will be back next year.

The Cincinnati Bengals will play the LA Rams Sunday, February 13 in Super Bowl LVI.