New Bell System

Ren Park, Reporter

The bells are finally back! But they’ve changed a bit. Is this a positive thing? 

Some students seem to think so.

“I prefer the new bells, because the old bells were just really loud and kind of obnoxious,” freshman Jordan Nichols said. 

However, there has been some controversy regarding the new tones.

“I liked the old bells better because you could actually hear them,” freshman Kayla said. “When everyone is in the halls coming back from lunch it’s hard to hear the bells.”

Some students are happy to have bells at all.

“Anything is better than not really having the bell system,” freshman Millie Fickenscher said. “That was very much annoying, not being able to hear when you’re supposed to get out of class.”

Teachers agree with her.

“I like having the bells back because it encourages people to be on time and leave when the bell actually rings instead of when they think the bell should ring. I think that the tones aren’t as aggressive, which I appreciate,” Miss Miller, ELA teacher, said. “[Not having bells] did [negatively impact the classroom] because everyone was piled up at the door before it even got close to the time, and then never showed up to class on time, but blamed the bells.”