Girls Basketball Ceremony

Basketball team celebrates end of season

Winter sports are officially over and with that being said banquents and award ceremonies are by-passing to make the season complete. Many athletes are bittersweet about the situation but there are more to come as we move forward.

According to Coach Mark Western, the girls varsity basketball team coach “The banquets are always bitter-sweet, but it’s nice to have a chance to talk about the season. Having Families get together all in one night, but it’s also the end. The last time the exact group will be together.” Western also told us that he believed that the night went very well and it felt great hearing all the coaches talk about the players and recap some of the events and plays that took place this season.

Sophomore varsity player Joycelyn Moore stated that “I am happy to get a break from basketball. Giving everyone that played their certificates was very eventful.” Moore ended by telling that it was good to see everyone one more time.

With that being said the banquet was heart-felt and filled with love, many parents bonded and coaches thanked both parents and players was a moment that I loved to experience and also being able to participate.