Unlocking South Traditions


Reece Howard, Digital Editor

At Shawnee Mission South, we have quite a few traditions that you will learn about during your four years here. These are a couple of traditions that’ll make your first year a bit more exciting. 


On a lucky Friday during our Football and Basketball seasons, we have “Green Fridays” during lunches hosted by KSMS with face painting, competitions, music, and more fun activities. It helps the student body get hyped up about the games and just have some fun! 


Staying on the topic of sports, whenever we play our rivals, the vile, wretched, disgusting Shawnee Mission East Lancers, our game theme is always blackout. You may ask why we don’t switch it up. The blackout represents a “funeral” for East when we, hopefully, beat them. You should wear black to a funeral, hence the theme. East games have an electric atmosphere, they can get crazy, but they are definitely some of the best sports events to go to. 


The weeks before school dances are filled with lots of raider traditions, during Homecoming and Sweetheart week, we have themed Spirit days. Some of them may seem corny, but it is way more fun when you dress up and just let loose. The Pep Club picks the most creative or fun outfit for each day of the week. You don’t get spirit weeks in college, go all out to make the most of it. The Friday before homecoming we have our annual parade. Activities and clubs around the school make floats and throw out candy to students, faculty, parents, and anyone else in the local community who decides to come out. It ends with an assembly to celebrate the homecoming court and celebrate our fall sports. 


There is one tradition that stays alive throughout the whole school year is something that happens on Fridays. Every Friday at South is something called “Fistbump Friday”. 

When you walk into the building you are greeted by Dr. Bogart, the bald guy, with a fist out encouraging a fist bump. You are also encouraged on the announcements to fist bump somebody sitting next to you. It is something little but fun to start your day with.


Some of these may seem cringy, corny or stupid. But I encourage you to participate because high school flies by and you will miss the small things like Green Fridays when you graduate.