Heritage Royalty Candidates Announced

Six Court Members will be selected at the March 24 assembly before Prom


Madi Russell

Heritage Queen Candidates (right to left) Brielle Staines, Carolyn Armstrong, Harper Larsen, Gretchen Schmierer Knust, and Julia Schnittker highlight activities from their senior summary they want announced at the assembly.

Greta Waller, Reporter

The 2023 Heritage Royalty nominees are:

Noah Campbell
Dominic Dawson
Graham Hopkins
Fletcher Knowles
Jack LaVergne
Alexander Maret
Kieron Smith
Jose Manuel Sorto Salinas
Eliot Wagner
Tanner Wilson

Carolyn Armstrong
Clare Bradley
Hadley Carson
Rosemary Derr
Sally Foley
Harper Larson
Abby Rasmussen
Gretchen Schmierer Knust
Julia Schnittker
Brielle Staines

The Heritage Royalty court is sponsored by the Heritage yearbook. Seniors who want to participate in Heritage Royalty must have a 3.6 GPA and submit an application that highlights their leadership and school involvement. The applications are reviewed by teachers who choose 10 queen and 10 king candidates.

The court, which consists of a King, Queen, first-attendants and second-attendants, will be announced on March 24 at the Heritage Royalty and Spring Sports Assembly.