Cell Phones Policy

By Jimmy Langton

10,420 is the number of 2009-2010 tardies administration is hoping to lessen with a proposal to allow cell phones during the lunch period. So far associate principal Ryan Flurry is optimistic.
“We’re looking pretty good,” he said.

If students lower the number of tardies significantly, at least 10-25 percent, cell phone usage will be permitted for the lunch period.
On October 15, the end of first quarter, Flurry will compare the tardies of last year’s first quarter to this year’s and cell phones the policy might go into effect as early as October 17.

Flurry has only one concern if the deal becomes enacted.
“My worry is students will spend more time interacting with their phones than people. Lunch is a nice disconnect time from all that technology,” he said.

Rachel Iba, Sr., isn’t as concerned about the cellphone policies influence on social interaction.
“I think we use cellphones so much it won’t affect us any differently than when we are outside of school,” she said.

The lunch room isn’t where it ends, STUCO and the administrators have been discussing that if tardies continue to go down in second quarter as well as the number of cell phones being taken away during class then they will allow cell phone usage during the passing period.

“It’s nice to have the administrators come to us with this deal and opportunity,” STUCO president Ryan Knight said about the tardy deal. Knight also mentioned that tardies, so far have gone down 24 percent which is on track with the administrators plan.
It is up to the student body to determine whether or not South will join the other Shawnee Mission high schools in allowing cell phone usage at school.