Spring Break at San Diego?

Sunshine, sandy beaches, SPF and surfers are awaiting juniors Christiana Mountain, Madi Smolich, and Autumn Mock in San Diego, California, where the “terrific trio” and Mountain’s mom are spending their spring break.

“My mom was like, ‘Do you want to go to San Diego?’ and I was like ‘Did you just ask me if I wanted to go to San Diego?,’” Mountain said. “We just looked at each other and we were like you don’t have to ask.”

They were also considering Florida but couldn’t find anywhere to stay because it is a popular spring break spot.

“Florida was booked. Literally there was no place in Florida,” Mountain said. “The goal was the beach and San Diego has a beach.”

While Smolich has been to Branson and Pensacola, Florida before on spring break, she has never been to California.

Also, since San Diego’s hotels were also full, so they will be staying in a resort in Carlsbad, California which is about a  30 minute drive from the heart of San Diego.

Both Smolich and Mountain are sure they will spend much of their time relaxing at the beach and Mountain says she is most excited about the warm weather. The average temperatures of San Diego in March are between 53 and 66 degrees, which will be a nice change from the cold weather Kansas City has been experiencing early this March.

“I’m most excited for the road trip with Autumn and Christiana because the car is going to be interesting and the beach because it’s been so cold here and it’s going to be nice and warm,” Smolich said.

The girls are driving and taking the “scenic route,” which means going through the Grand Canyon and sightseeing in New Mexico. They will also either visit Seaworld or Legoland, which are both in San Diego.

“I have to drive the whole way because now I can drive and mom doesn’t like to,” Mountain said. “Twenty eight hours in the car. It’ll be rough, but it’ll be worth it.”

It will take them three days to drive to California and two days to drive back, leaving them with five days in California. Even though the girls are sure they will get tired of each other, they are excited.

“I’ll be with my best friends. I mean, we’re going with Autumn,” Mountain said.