Danielle’s Throwback Thursday: Thrifting

Danielle Laudick, Blogger

Thrifting clothes


I have a rather unique style that either cost a ton of money or like two cents. That’s why I love the fact that thrifting is such a big thing now! Almost, if not all, of my clothes come from this thrift store down in Westport called Arizona Trading Company (ATC for short). It has the widest range of styles from every year. It’s the bomb.com. Nothing goes over 10 bucks and if it does, you understand why and are willing to pay for whatever it is. I say go there if you can, ’cause you’ll fall in love with the store instantaneously! It has clothes for every gender and styles for everyone and it’s amazing. You guys have no idea how much I love this store, because I could find something that costs 80 bucks at Urban Outfitters then find the exact -if not similar- thing at ATC for 5. ATC will forever be my favorite store.

They have a location in both Westport and Lawrence, so go check them out.




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Danielle Laudick is a senior at Shawnee Mission South, and is an active participant in theater.


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