Face The Music: Ed Sheeran Concert

Alyssa Pavlu, Blogger

Hey there everyone, and welcome to my blog! Here you can find me each month talking about music reviews including concerts, new albums, and new artists.

For my first post I decided to write a review for a certain concert I attended last month. On Sept. 2, British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran made an appearance at The Sprint Center. (I’m going to tell you right now, my review may seem slightly biased due to the fact that Ed is my favorite musician.) All of the past concerts I have attended included things from backup singers and dancers, bands, confetti, and even fireworks. What makes me love Ed even more is the fact that his performance only consisted of him, a guitar, a mic or 2, and a loop-pedal (look it up). Ed does all the work himself onstage right in front of the audience, with a little help from the special effects guys of course.

The song that usually steals the show whenever he performs is “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.” The eleven-minute rendition consists of singing, rapping, and some intense guitar playing. “Give Me Love” is always a classic and one of my favorites, and getting the crowd to sing along and harmonize made it pretty great. A few other favorites and stellar performances include “I’m A Mess,” “Runaway,” “Thinking Out Loud,” “Take It Back,” “Sing.” I really enjoyed “Don’t.” The slow songs were really good too. How could I forget “Lego House” and “The A Team?” There were so many others I wish he could have performed. Why can’t they make concerts longer?! OK, OK sorry, I got a little lost in my PCD (post concert depression) for a second there… My point is, I really enjoyed this show and love his music. If you’re a fan, you’ll understand why I’m getting off track.

This concert was the best one I’ve been to, and not just because he’s my favorite artist. Ed knows what it means to perform. You don’t need flashy outfits and dancers to entertain an audience. If you actually know how to sing, simply standing there with a microphone and guitar can wow everybody. Ed knows how to use his vocal range but not be dramatic, and he uses just the right about of rapping in his songs. He’s also crazy talented when it comes to playing the guitar. If you don’t listen to Ed Sheeran, you should really give him a shot. I promise you’ll find at least one song you like.




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