Talent Show Tomorrow


Amelia Holcomb, Staff Writer

This year’s talent show is during sixth and seventh hour on Nov 25, the day before Thanksgiving break. Tickets cost $5, and all money will go to the Johnson County Christmas Bureau to help the hungry in our area. Here is a list of the acts to look forward to.


  1. Joe Audley & Andrew Koch, drum & bass
  2. Christopher Gaines, singing
  3. Faculty Band, music
  4. Alex Baron, ukulele/sing
  5. JV Pacesetters, dance
  6. Carlie Johnson & Danny Keller, singing/piano
  7. Megan Stollsteimer, Hannah Bonifield, Ethan Stone, trumpets/ukulele
  8. Nate Rowe, harmonica/beatboxing
  9. Christine Pascoe, singing/piano
  10. Drumline
  11. Tara Phillips, singing
  12. Ben Iba, piano
  13. Mr. AmeriCAN Candidates, dance