Tips for Studying for Finals

Amelia Holcomb

The end of the year is finally here, but unfortunately that means so are final exams. In order to get a good grade on the final, follow these tips and try not to get too stressed:


  1. Use materials teachers give you. This may seem obvious, but some people disregard advice or study guides teachers give before the final. Also pay attention when they tell you how many questions the final is, how much it’s worth and if you can use a notecard.


  1. Use a final grade calculator. is a website that tells you what you need on the final to either reach or keep a certain grade. Use this to prioritize how much and what you need to study each night.


  1. Use flashcards. Especially for vocab or history, websites like or notecards help you memorize definitions and dates. If you use quizlet you can play games and take practice tests.


  1. Put your phone away. Don’t have your phone or other distractions out, try to stay focused on studying. You can take short breaks, but you shouldn’t check your phone after every problem you try on your math study guide.


  1. Get a decent amount of sleep before the final. Try to do most of your studying beforehand so you don’t have to cram the night before. Also, eat something for breakfast so you can stay focused during the test.