Heritage Royalty Nominees Announced

Amelia Holcomb, News Editor

This year’s Heritage Royalty nominees were named earlier this week after undergoing a selection process. The selection process started with an application that featured each potential nominee’s extracurricular activities and GPA. Applications were ranked and voted on by teachers. The winners will be voted on by the Senior Class and announced at the spring sports assembly April 1.  

Here are the 2016 Heritage nominees:

Annna Featherston

Gretchen Fiebig

Hannah Hall

Isabel Holcomb

Mona Jahani

Kathleen Smithson

Leah Thomas

Grace Wilson

Natalie Warshaw

Emily Wilkinson

Jon Buenger

Matthew Cashman

Ryan Conley

Nick Fowler

Remy Gordon

Jack Huggins

Jerry Kim

Joseph Stokes

Adric Tenuta

Ryan Wagner