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15 Questions with Debra O’Brien

15 Questions with Debra O'Brien

Noah Meyer, 21st Century Journalism

October 28, 2016

Debra O’Brien is Shawnee Mission South’s friendly librarian. But how does she feel about our school and student body, and what secrets lie in the library? Let’s dive into the secrets. NM: Tell me what responsibilities being the librarian usually entails. DO: The job usually involves "being re...

15 Questions with Jocelyn Clark

Drum Major Jocelyn Clark conducts the Rompin' Stomping' Raider Band's pregame show.

Nichole Thomas, 21st Century Journalism

October 28, 2016

Senior Jocelyn Clark is the drum major for the SMS Rompin' Stompin' Raider Band. Clark's role is to conduct the band, but there is more to it than that. Clark talks about the responsibilities and the job of the drum major.  NT: “What was it like conducting all by yourself?” JC: “It was ne...

15 Questions with Cinthia Romo

Senior Cinthia Romo at an open mic poetry slam. 
photo courtesy of Cinthia Romo

Adelaide Soyski, 21st Century Journalism

October 28, 2016

Senior Cinthia Romo walks into the debate classroom at 6 p.m. with a bag of McDonalds. Romo comes to debate work night each Wednesday to help novices and practice her own speeches. She's the StuCo president, the debate social chair, a French student and a performer at open mic poetry slams.  AS:...

The Brothers Bear

The Brothers Bear

Max Holmes, Staff Writer

April 19, 2016

Jordan and Drew Baranowski (better known as Little Bear and Big Bear) discuss what having a sibling in the same workplace is like and what drew them to teaching English. BLACK: Jordan BLUE: Drew What’s it like working at the same place as your brother? It’s nice. Quite nice. Really nice. It is. Because we’re...

15 Questions with Steele Schimming

15 Questions with Steele Schimming

Carlee Alexander, 21st Century Journalism

March 22, 2016

While most students in high school are working retail or waiting tables at a restaurant, junior Steele Schimming is modeling for an agency about 48 hours a week. Schimming has been working on her modeling career ever since she was little. What life events lead up to the decision to pursue modeling?...

7 Questions with Abbie Hindle

Sophomore Abbie Hindle sings

Michaela Regalado, Heritage Reporter

March 1, 2016

After performing smaller roles in many plays, sophomore Abbie Hindle followed the yellow brick road to the role of Dorothy in the winter musical “The Wizard of Oz.” What did you think about during auditions and how were you feeling? I had a hip injury at the time and I didn't know how it wo...

16 Questions with Giovanna Vasconcellos

Brazilian exchange student Giovanna Vasconcellos

Franka Lohmann, 21 Century Reporter

February 27, 2016

The Brazilian exchange student Giovanna Vasconcellos experienced a complete new life here in Kansas and at school. She likes it here, but there are also some things she misses from Brazil. FL: You are here in Kansas for seven months now. How do you like it so far ? GV: I really like it. Here...

15 Questions with Dylan Gregory

15 Questions with Dylan Gregory

Alexis Kafoure, 21st Century Reporter

February 26, 2016

After four years in robotics, senior Dylan Gregory is going to his last robotics competition. Q: What position are you in on the team? Explain what you do and why. A: I’m team captain. I oversee and manage what happens on the team and I also help build the robot. Q: Is robotics fun? A:...

15 Questions with Macie Baker

15 Questions with Macie Baker

Madison Holloway, 21st Century Reporter

February 25, 2016

Senior Macie Baker offers some insight into what is is like living with a rare medical condition, and what she does to stay positive through it all. Q: What exactly is your medical condition? A: I have a blood clot in my left leg known also called deep vein thrombosis or DVT. But the disorder that cau...

Q&A with Cynthia Flores

Freshman Cynthia Flores

Avery Woods, Reporter

February 19, 2016

Freshman Cynthia Flores participates in slam poetry and creates art. She is inspired by those around her. AW: What is your biggest inspiration for your art and poetry? CF: My biggest inspiration? People, mostly, like people I see passing by me. I don’t really take stuff from nature, or scenery, or all ...

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