The Rivalry Continues: East vs South in Basketball

Avery Woods, Sports Editor

On Friday, Feb. 24, the rivalry between East and South was reignited with basketball games at East. Boys JV, girls JV, boys varsity and girls varsity all competed. East won all of the games except for the last one – the boys varsity game. The girls varsity game was close, but it was not to be.

The game was preceded by a paintball fight in the South parking lot Thursday night, which was ended by the police. Additionally, South students allegedly vandalized some of East’s sheds that night.

The boys varsity game began with an early lead from South, which they maintained most of the first half. East’s boys varsity was coming into the game with 12 wins and seven losses. South’s boys varsity had six wins and nine losses.

Both the crowd and the players battled throughout the game. Insults and derogatory chants went both ways, resulting in several students being asked to leave the game. Administrators for both schools watched the crowds closely, keeping in mind the fact that the rivalry gets emotions running high amongst the students. The stands were packed, with barely enough room to add another fan. 

During halftime, the Lancer Dancers performed for the crowd.

During the second half, East gained a lead, which was tossed back and forth throughout the half. The final seconds of the game were intensified by a sudden gain by the Lancers, but the game ended 67-62 with a Raiders win. The South fans stormed the court to celebrate a rivalry win.

“It was so exciting because the whole time East was cheering ‘South sucks’ but we ended up beating them,” sophomore Carolyn Schneck said.

Both teams are entering into the playoffs for Regionals and State this week.