Q&A with Hannah Dennington


Ed Haffner

Avery Woods, Sports Editor

Hannah Dennington was the only original freshman on the varsity girls soccer team this year. She talks about team dynamics and when she started playing.

AW: What’s it like being the only freshman on varsity?

HD: This is the second person that’s asked me this. It was exciting but scary, because everyone had been on the same team, and I had just been joining, and so I was kind of just the odd piece of the puzzle.

AW: What’s the hardest part?

HD: Fitting in on the field. Not really off the field, but on the field.

AW: How has the team been?

HD: It’s been good. Individually, it’s encouraging, but as a team, I’m like an outsider, I guess. So as a team, it’s good, but I don’t know what the word would be. It’s not really exclusive, because you guys don’t really exclude me.

AW: What are you most looking forward to?

HD: Getting to know everyone.

AW: Why do you like playing soccer?

HD: Oh gosh. It’s stress relieving in a way. It takes my mind off of everything.

AW: What position do you play?

HD: Left forward.

AW: Why did you start playing soccer?

HD: Oh gosh. I have no idea. Do you mean high school or just the beginning of the journey? Um, I don’t know, because my dad put me in it. I don’t know, I was like 3. Because I enjoyed the sport. Because I love running. I would have to do track, because I’m good at accelerating, but not long distance.

AW: How long have you been playing soccer?

HD: It was more like 3 and a half or 4, and I just turned 15 yesterday, so that would make it like 11 years.

AW: Tell me about how you thought tryouts went.

HD: Tryouts? Good, obviously. I mean, I didn’t do my best at tryouts, but I still made varsity, so, it was good.

AW: How do you expect the season to go?

HD: I don’t know. It’s been rough for me, personally. But it can only go up from here.

AW: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

HD: No.